Contributors, Credits, and References

Nanohistory is based on considerable assistance from and the work of others. Although they're not affiliated with Nanohistory directly, we'd like to thank them, and acknowledge their work.



Brock University

We're very grateful to Michael Driedger, and Brock University, for sponsoring Nanohistory's Compute Canada infrastructure. At the moment we're using it for handling data processing jobs, but watch for future developments.

Making Publics 2.0

McGill University

Much of NanoHistory is based on the digital work surrounding the now defunct Making Publics project (see, and a subsequent SSHRC grant in 2012-13. Key contributors from these projects, which developed and refined the initial research environment, the networked event model, and the verb list that NanoHistory now uses for events.

  • Paul Yachnin (English, Making Publics PI)
  • Renee Sieber (CS / Geography)
  • Ichiro Fujinaga (Music Tech)
  • Eun Park (Information Studies)
Research Assistants
  • Stephen Wittek (English, verbs and event model)
  • Anna Lewton-Brain (English, verbs and event model)
  • James Wallace (History, verbs and event model)
  • Qing Zou (Information Studies, server management and platform development)
  • Korbin DaSilva (Geography, geographic data and place / spatial model)
  • Jin Xing (Computer Science, Sesame)
  • Yu Lucille Hua (Music Tech, GATE and event recognition)