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This tool creates a web view of a network deriving from an initial core query of entities and verbs. Users can define as many core entities as they wish (you can export a list as query!), as well as verbs, or verb groups. These act as the starting point, from which the tool branches out following following the queried verbs, to a distance defined by the user as part of the query. A distance of '1' includes items that are immediately connected to the core entities, whereas a distance of '2' includes those immediately connected to core entities, and any entities connected to those entities, and so on. Inevitably these queries can return thousands of nodes and edges. If your query 'times out', no worry, it's automatically placed in a queue for processing - come back later and check in on it. As with all tools, Network Webs allows users to save and export their data as a scene, or download it as JSON.

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